Do period knickers actually work?

Have you been thinking about buying some BP3 knickers but not sure which style is right for you and wondering if they do actually work?!

All of our knickers are made with 4 layers of absorbent gusset. The top layer is moisture-wicking which means it pulls the moisture in. The second layer is highly absorbent so absorbs the moisture. The third layer is a waterproof layer called TPU which is degradable and non-toxic and the last layer is a breathable material.

BP3 Sporty Knickers

Our Sporty knickers have the usual 4 layers of absorbent gusset but unlike other incontinence/period knickers, the gusset ends at the crack of your bottom as opposed to carrying on all the way up to the waistband. This, along with the scalloped edging enabled us to ensure that the knickers had no VPL.

The knickers are elasticated along the middle of your bottom to allow them to sit comfortably in the crack so they do not ride up.

They can comfortably hold up to 10ml (that's 2 tampons worth) of fluid, so suitable for a light to moderate flow.

* Light to moderate

* 10ml

* Wash at 30 degrees

* No noise


Best for: Active women, beginning/end of the period, nights out, working out, everyday security


BP3 Bikini Knickers

Our Bikini knickers also have 4 layers of absorbent gusset however the gusset goes from the top of the front of the knicker all the way to the top of the back thus they are far more absorbent than the Sporty. This provides even more support for leaks, withstanding up to 20ml of fluid so perfect for mid-period and heavier bladder leaks.

They are elasticated at the bottom to ensure absorbency is not compromised.

* Moderate to Heavy flow

* 20ml

* Wash at 30 degrees

* No noise

* Sustainable

Best for: Extra security for heavier periods or leaks, everyday security and comfort, nighttime periods.

To keep your knickers in tip-top condition, wash at 30 degrees, Do not use fabric conditioner, Do not tumble dry. Dry naturally on the washing line or clothes horse.

Remember they will take longer to dry because of the layers of fabric.

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