The Menopause Gamechangers - Meet Pelviva


In our Menopause Gamechangers Series, we'll be meeting the people behind the innovate brands and supportive communities, who are helping women navigating the menopause. Today we're highlighting the incredible Pelviva tool that helps you train your pelvic floor.

Can you tell me a little bit more about Pelviva?

Pelviva started life about a decade ago as part of a neuro-muscular electrical stimulation research project at Manchester University. Pelviva (essentially meaning bringing life to the Pelvic Floor) uses this technology in its pelvic floor trainer which is specifically designed to help women treat bladder leakage.

What is Pelviva and what are the benefits for women struggling with incontinence

Pelviva is an easy-to-use pelvic floor trainer made of soft ‘body responsive’ foam. It’s inserted like a tampon into the vagina, adapting to every women’s shape, and delivers a series of pulses to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and improve pelvic floor strength.

With one in three women affected by bladder leakage, Pelviva has been clinically-proven to improve bladder control in 84% of women after 12 weeks whilst others have noticed improvements after three weeks. Women have also reported other benefits like longer time between loo breaks, renewed confidence and the ability to try new forms of exercise.

How does it work?

Put simply, Pelviva effectively does your pelvic floor exercise for you making it ideal for the many women who forget to do their exercises or the up to 50% who, through no fault of their own, are unable to perform them correctly. Pelviva works by sending pulses directly to the Pelvic Floor muscles every 10 seconds retraining them how to contract and strengthen which in turn can improve bladder control. Each treatment takes 30 minutes and is recommended for use every other day.

Do you have to use it forever?

Like any muscle, the Pelvic Floor muscles will weaken if not exercised. Once you have built your Pelvic Floor fitness using Pelviva you’ll need to continue with a regular maintenance programme of Pelvic Floor muscle training to keep it strong. This could be by doing your Pelvic Floor exercises regularly or supplementing with Pelviva. Every woman is an individual and needs to find their own individual better.

What is the cost?

The cost varies on the length of treatment you opt for. Some women have reported improvements after just three weeks’ usage (9 Pelviva) whilst Pelviva is clinically-proven to improve bladder control in 84% of women after just 12 weeks. We always recommend using Pelviva in conjunction with doing your own pelvic floor exercises regularly.

At present, we are waiting supplies of new stock (due to a combination of high demand and supplies affected by the pandemic) but 9 Pelviva treatments costs £128.85 and 15 £199.95. To be in amongst the first to know when our stock returns and receive exclusive discounts, please sign up to our newsletter at

Is there anyone who cannot use it such as someone with a prolapse?

Pelviva is suitable for anyone who experiences bladder leakage for example after childbirth or around the menopause however shouldn’t be taken if you are pregnant, have a severe prolapse or have a urinary tract infection. (A full list is available on our website). To discuss your condition, we recommend calling our Pelviva Specialists on 0800 681 6008 who will be able to give you advice depending on your individual symptoms.

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