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Kelly Newton, Founder of BP3 Underwear

Underwear designed and made for women with urinary incontinence

It’s a fact that one in three women suffer with some degree of incontinence. I’m one of them, which is why I’ve been on a mission since 2017 to not only do something about it from a practical point of view, but also to destroy the stigma surrounding the issue.

Sport plays a big part in my life. As a mum to six teenaged children (two sons and four foster daughters) and working two jobs – running BP3 Underwear full time alongside a part-time role as a receptionist at the local gym – it’s vital I reap the physical and mental benefits that keeping fit affords me.

A few years ago, I gently confided in my hockey teammates that I was experiencing bladder leaks and discovered that some of them were going through the same thing. I was well over the stage of using pads, plus I’d had a hysterectomy and was already going through the menopause, so I looked at what knickers were on the market. I didn’t like anything that was available because they weren’t particularly discreet, so I bought some fabric and decided to make my own! My teammates and husband thought it was a brilliant idea, so I spent two years learning everything I needed to know to get my venture off the ground. There was a lot to digest – everything from tech packs and samples to factories and manufacturing – but in July last year, BP3 (Be Pee-Free!) Underwear was launched.

My machine-washable knickers utilise four layers of absorbent gusset and have been specifically designed to feel comfortable and look discreet. Although not an answer for incontinence, I want my products to give women the confidence to work on their pelvic floor muscles without the worry of damp patches.

In February, I’ll begin selling my products through Health & Her – a business committed to offering help and support to women nationwide who are going through the menopause – and I’m currently in the process of creating a new line of high-waisted knickers.

The long-term plan is to keep on going because I want my foster daughters to see that you CAN have an idea and just keep running with it… that anything is possible.