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What is the menopause?

Menopause is one of life’s inevitabilities for women. We will all go through it at some point in our lives, and yet, for many, it’s still a topic we feel uncomfortable discussing or educating ourselves about - here's the BP3 lowdown on all things menopause.

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Menopause and Fitness

Fitness plays such an important part in my life. I enjoy running and working out at the gym and use the time to listen to music and to reflect on my day. As I’ve got older, I’ve realised the importance of not just keeping fit, but how exercise helps your mental health. Having kids can actually be quite a lonely time for some people and although I would say I am quite outgoing there were times of feeling very alone and isolated. I was encouraged by a friend to play netball and it was really good for my self-esteem to have something just for me to look forward to. I’m really sociable so I love team sports. When I was...

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