BP3 Technology

Why BP3?


BP3 pants are super comfortable and super secure. Holding up to 20ml, they give you the confidence to live life to the max without worrying about leaks.  


You shouldn’t have to compromise on style to feel protected. Traditional pads are bulky and uncomfortable but BP3 pants are as pretty as they are absorbent.  


Traditional sanitary products cause 200,000+ tonnes of waste each year. Swap to our washable BP3 pants - and help save the planet (and your money!) 

But how do BP3s Work?

The key is in the four layers of our super absorbent gusset. Our specially created design protects against bladder leaks, menstruation, discharge and sweat. Whatever you're doing and whatever stage of life you're at, you can feel dry and comfortable all day.

Our pants are also completely washable so you'll never have to buy disposable incontinence pants or sanitary towels ever again!  

"Total game changer.

Loved the no VPL and the cute design. They are comfy to run in and, being pregnant, my pelvic floor has been on & off so these gave me more confidence. I love the positive effect on the environment of not needing pads or tampons."

-Sophie Power (ultrarunner and mum of 3)

"Absolutely chuffed.

 with my underwear, especially for periods. They have become my lucky pants for game day!"

-Jade Knight (Saracens & Wales International Rugby Player)