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 Are BP3 knickers good for all types of incontinence?

Our sporty and high waisted knickers can hold up to 10ml of fluid so are great for stress, urge, overflow and total incontinence.

 Can BP3 knickers be used for periods as well?

Yes! They aren't just incontinence pants, they can be used for periods, sweat and discharge. No need to wear bulky, uncomfortable sanitary pads. With our discreet design there is no bulge visible at all and best of all they are fully washable.

 Will it be obvious I am wearing incontinence knickers?

Absolutely not. We designed these incontinence knickers because of our own bladder incontinence so we know exactly what women want to wear. There is no VPL, no unsightly bulging and they are feminine and attractive whilst still being very absorbent.

 Will my incontinence knickers leak?

Our BP3 incontinence knickers are made with the best quality material. They have 4 layers of very absorbent gusset which can retain up to 10 ml of fluid and the edges form a tight seal to hold moisture in. But occaionally accidents do happen and you may find our High Wiasted & Peachy incontinence knickers give you more support.

 How long will my bladder control underwear last?

Typically if looked after according to the washing instructions, they will last up to two years.

 Can I wear my incontinence knickers when I play sports or workout?

Yes! They are the perfect accompaniment to your gym kit. Stretching puts your bladder under pressure and can cause urine to leak out so its a really good idea to wear your BP3 incontinence pants for added confidence and security. Plus there is no VPL which is a great bonus.