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washable incontinence underwear

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The BP3 Collection

BP3 Underwear wants women to feel comfortable and confident while looking after themselves. Which is why our knickers come in different designs: sporty and bikini. Made specifically to control mishaps from incontinence, menstruation, and discharge, both underwear styles share the same basic design. Look through our collection to see which one best suits your taste.

Comfort and Style Come Together with BP3 Underwear

Women are vivacious, brilliant, and compassionate. We hold ourselves with confidence and grace. We are nuanced human beings who strive to live our best selves. But, some of the complexities of being a woman can get in our way.

Normal bodily functions like our periods, and even incontinence, can be a hindrance to living life to the fullest. Pantyliners, menstrual pads, and tampons are uncomfortable and wasteful. Without them though, we run the risk of experiencing unpleasant moments throughout the day. Unexpected leaks whenever we sneeze or cough are inconvenient and often leave us frustrated and embarrassed.

Luckily, we now have BP3 Underwear.

As someone with intimate experience on how difficult the situation can be, founder Kelly created BP3 Underwear to help women bring enjoyment back into their lives. Designed for the modern woman, the innovative knickers line is ideal for women who live active lifestyles, as it is underwear that offers protection against accidents caused by incontinence and menstruation. The best part? These knickers do all these without sacrificing style and comfort.

BP3 Underwear comes in different designs to keep up with any lifestyle. Now, women in the UK no longer have to hit pause; we can just keep on playing.

The BP3 Design

Both BP3 Underwear designs come with highly absorbent gussets. Built with four layers of fabric, it offers ample protection from leaks and odours common with incontinence. It's even washable so you can reduce the amount of waste you produce.


The first layer of fabric has tiny spaces engineered into it. This feature lets moisture move into the fabric's yarns where it gets trapped, thus preventing it from escaping the synthetic material.

Highly Absorbent

The underwear's second layer of material is highly absorbent. Aside from its moisture-wicking capability, excess liquids are caught by the subsequent layers.


The third layer of the gusset is made of leak-resistant fabric. This serves as the last sheet of defence from leakage that makes it through the first two layers.

Breathable Fabric

The last layer of this innovative underwear is breathable fabric. Made for comfort and functionality, this material prevents unpleasant odours from developing in the gusset.

Reach out to us today to purchase this innovative underwear.

Highly absorbent gusset