• Don't let periods pause your play

  • Don't let incontinence pause your play

Don't let periods pause your play


Don't let incontinence pause your play


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Fed up with leaks?

We've got you!

We make absorbent and washable underwear for unparalleled protection against periods and leaks – from menstruation to incontinence.

Our underwear is soft, breathable, protects against odour and is designed with seam-free edges (meaning absolutely no VPL) for complete discretion – so you can feel dry and comfortable, all day!

Pee ❃ Periods ❃ Sweat ❃ Maternity ❃ Menopause

We've got leak-proof knickers for every woman.

❃ Mix & Match ❃

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Why BP3?

Secure | BP3 Underwear


BP3 undies are super comfortable and secure. They give you the confidence to live your life without worrying about leaks. They can hold 2-3 tampons worth of blood.

Stylish | BP3 Underwear


Pads are bulky and unsightly. BP3 knickers are discreet but absorbent. They have no VPL, so they can be worn under tight gym leggings or going out clothes.

Sustainable | BP3 Underwear


You're ditching traditional sanitary products (tampons and pads) that cause 200,000+ tonnes of waste each year. Our underwear is washable – so good for the planet AND your purse.

From our happy customers


I really wish I had these years ago. So comfortable and pretty, they make me feel feminine again. As for the service, amazing. They are beautifully packaged like little presents. Try them and you honestly will never look back


Game changers!

Confidence to run, sweat it out at the gym, and general comfort for everyday wear... if you’re hesitating because of the investment ‘cost’, don’t- you won’t regret spending your money on these, especially if you’ve been thinking of the environmental impact of ‘liners’ 10/10 BP3
Thank you 😊


Absolutely brilliant!

This is the second pair of sporty pants I’ve purchased and I’m really happy with them. They look great on, no vpl under tight leggings, and are a good fit. No leaks. I do a lot of exercise and I feel very confident wearing them. Would 100% recommend!